If not, you likely lack the professional support and trust needed to guide you towards your authentic career and purpose.
Customizing your career path can sometimes feel like a lonely journey but that can change. I can provide you with confidential, strategic plan that serves you. I can help you navigate through turbulent and change work climates of organizations and the labor market. I have years of experience as a Human Resource and People professional. I guide, inspire and position individuals to achieve professional success. Contact me today to discover what’s within your reach.

Can you talk about your career aspirations and challenges with your boss? Do you have the right mentor? 

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Career Coaching Services

Life can feel like a rollercoaster.

Life Coaching Services

Unexpected twists and turns can be exhilarating at times but an unexpected drop or spin and trigger feelings of anxiety, fear, frustration or indecision. I know because I’ve been there. I can help you regain your balance, stability and focus. You’ll learn how to pivot your perspective and reframe your decision making to leverage your strength and build your areas for development.
 I elevate the whole person. 

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-  Personal Branding / Self esteem
- Goal Setting
- Change Management / Managing Life Transitions
- Relationship Management
- Finding Balance and Joy
- Public Speaking

This may include: 

If growth in one of these area could propel your life forward in a new and exciting way, click below for a discovery call. I want to hear your story.

My life is rooted in unlocking the potential and power of people. 

Business & Consulting Services

Whether connecting communities as a former news anchor/reporter, or facilitating key workforce transformation improvements as a HR leader, I enjoy helping teams succeed. I’ve managed the full HR life cycle, from Talent Acquisitions, People Management, Culture Development, Diversity/Inclusion, HRIS analytics, agile business partner engagement, coaching, succession planning, HR vendor management, and HR Marketing.

 I leverage tools and techniques from my communications degree, SPHR standards, FIA Coaching Certification, Prosci Change Management methodologies/license, Lean Six Sigma, diversity/inclusion, and digital analytics to improve employee performance and spark healthy work environment.
I coach dynamic companies around the United States who have a strong desire to succeed and develop leaders within their organizations. If you are seeking a positive shift in your company’s People, Culture and commitment to succeed, you are likely ready to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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Teenagers are people too.

student Coaching Services

I see you, I hear you and I believe in you. The world has changed dramatically in one generation. Despite its wonderful innovations, its also created disconnects and isolation amongst families, educators and communities. The needs of teens should not get lost in busy schedules, digital divides and mounting pressures to succeed. I empower young people explore their identify and purpose which will fuel their dreams. Teens need a strategic plan to discovery career ambition and healthy social engage that build character, talents and connection.  

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- Guidance and Inspiration
- Positive Branding (Digitial and In-Person)
- College Readiness
- College Recruitment
- Public Speaking
- Self Esteem
· Goal Setting


This may include: 

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